Meet A Member - Walt Stettler

Member Name: 
Walt Stettler
Member Position: 
President of Hillcrest Camera Club
Linda Aller

Walt has been a member of the HCC for eleven years and has held the position as President of the club once before.

When asked when he first became interested in photography, Walt lightheartedly responded, “When dinosaurs roamed the earth.” But in actuality, it was 1968 when he realized his passion. Walt was enrolled in Glassboro College majoring in Photography and Graphics; the rest is history.

He is a talented photographer who favors no particular subject but leans toward landscapes, barns, and nature as he enjoys the outdoors. Walt identifies his most memorable experience during a visit to the Grand Canyon and Zion. He remembers it as so breathtaking that it was impossible to capture the true beauty and vastness in a photograph.

He most admires Ansel Adams and describes him as “one of a kind.” Walt is a big fan of monotone images, preferring Black and White to Color. Running a close second to Ansel Adams, in Walt’s eyes, are Butch and Linda VanSeters, also long-time members of HCC and held in high regard by Walt. Walt enjoys viewing their work and describes them “as good as any National Geographic photographer.”

Walt’s favorite Print is that of a corn crib, which you can see in the photo. There was just something about it that caught his eye; he took the photograph and knew it was a slam dunk! He captured the image just the way he wanted and it turned out to be his all-time favorite.

As President, one of Walt’s goals for the HCC is to see its membership grow.

What advice would he give someone just starting out in photography? “Stick with it, enjoy it, and, above all, have fun!