The Ten Commandments of Composition

Here are bullet points of a presentation I've done for the club.  I would usually have the prints to illustrate the points.   Even without the prints these "commandments" are still worth keeping in mind.

  1. Have one center of interest.
  2. Keep the background simple.
  3. The rule of thirds.
  4. Don't put the horizon in the middle of the picture.
  5. Check the edges of the frame.
  6. Lines of direction.
  7. The "S" Curve
  8. Look for Patterns.
  9. Vary your point of view.
  10. Don't be afraid to break the other nine.

Laws According to Schor

Law #1.  There ain't no laws.

Law #2.  When in doubt as to whether you are composing your picture correctly, refer back to Law #1.