Presentation: Ray Hennessey - Creative Bird Photography

What makes an artistic bird photo different then just a standard documentary bird portrait.  Ray will be discussing and showing all the methods he uses such as light, space, bokeh, getting close, capturing action and using hides to create  unique bird photos that are a joy to look at.  He will be sharing nearly 200 photos captured over the past 10 years that show these different methods in practice and discussing more in depth how he implements the techniques while shooting.  Be ready for a wide variety of unique and different bird photos!

Ray's talk is titled “Photographing Birds Creatively using silhouette and backlight”
Photographing birds with the the sun behind your subject can be quite challenging. Using certain techniques and thinking can result in some beautiful and creative silhouettes and backlit or rim-lit photos. He will be discussing how he uses this lighting to create colorful and unique captures as well as diving into many of the challenges this lighting style often creates.

Ray Hennessy's Bio:
Starting in 2007 my fascination with nature photography began.  In the years since wildlife photography with a focus on birds has gone from a very passionate hobby of mine to become my career. I spend much of my free time in natural areas searching for birds and any other wildlife that comes along. I concentrate on using creative natural lighting and interesting compositions to capture unique images of common and rare wildlife. My favorite style is a more scenic photo that includes some of the habitat wildlife lives in. I also enjoy passing along the knowledge and experience that I have gathered over the years to other photographers who are eager to learn