Hillcrest Camera Club Competition Information

Each month we have image competitions (usually at the first meeting of the month). Anyone who is a paid member of the club can compete. Prior to the competition meeting, a letter is sent to all members providing the details of that month's competition.
Each competition will be one of two types:
  • Regular Competition
  • Assigned Subjects
Competitions of either type may have entries in the following categories:
  • Digital Pictorial
  • Digital Nature
  • Black and White or color Prints
  • Contemporary (only in Assigned Subjects)

Rules for digital submissions

Please observe the basic rules for Digital Submissions:
  • All files shall be JPEG.
  • All images shall be no larger than 1024 pixels wide + 768 pixels high. Vertical images shall be no more than 768 pixels high.
  • Resolution: should be between 240 and 300 ppi
  • Your entries’ file names and your initials must be on the image. Your Initials-ImageTitle.jpg (ex. LV-BeautifulFlower-DSC000.jpg)
Do not use the same title twice; instead use numbers to distinguish between images (i.e. Flower-1, Flower-2, etc.) If you enter the image in nature one month you cannot enter the same image in pictorial in another month, and vice versa. Cross pollination is forbidden.

Rules for print submissions

  • Print entries should have a backing on them. (Matt board or poster board). Put the TITLE, YOUR NAME, ADDRESS and HILLCREST CAMERA CLUB on the back and bring your print to the competition.
  • The minimum image size is 8in.x10in. or 80 square inches.
  • The maximum size (image or image plus backing) is 16in.x20in. Prints measuring 16x20 must be mounted on a 16x20 mat or foam board. For 16x20 images, the mount must not extend beyond the border of the image. However if your image is smaller than 16x20 your mount can be as large as the acceptable size of 16x20.
  • Prints may be mounted on mat board or thin foam core. Images mounted on oak tag will be disqualified.
  • Prints must be securely mounted. Any print not secured is subject to disqualification.
  • No over matting or window matting is allowed.
  • No signatures, copyrights, titles or any other marking may be present on the front of the image or mount.


Digital Nature

In Nature an image cannot have the “hand of man” in it, which simply means anything that is not natural, such as no fences, fence posts, power lines, roads, people, driveways, sidewalks, etc. Anything that is man made so to speak. Be careful with landscapes – is there a road in the image? A vehicle? A person? A house or building? If you have any specific questions please feel to ask anyone who regularly submits in the Nature category.

Digital Pictorial

A competition wherein the subject matter, composition and style of the image are not limited. Images may depict an original subject, be digitally enhanced, or stylized in any way that the maker chooses. All images must originate from a photographic image that was taken by the maker.

Assigned Subjects

Digital (Pictorial and Nature)

When we have assigned subject competitions, a “subject” will be announced in advance and all entries would have to be associated with that “subject”. The subjects could be “a certain color”, “night photography”, “birds”, etc. You will be notified in advance of these competitions. They are also listed in our yearly calendar.


Occasionally when we have assigned subject competitions, one of the categories may be Contemporary which would be an image or print which is not ordinary - You may do any kind of digital enhancements you would like (ex. filters, copy and pasting, etc.). Your image must still originate from a photo you have taken.

Other assigned subject competitions
We may have Black & White digital and/or Prints. Sometimes the assigned subject is a particular subject such as a color, flowers, etc.; and sometimes it is your choice as long as it adheres to the Rules of the category it is in. (ex. Nature, Digital Pictorial).

Members will be advised when these Assigned Subject Competitions are to be held – or, check our year's calendar for the information.

Other competition information

Note that at the End of Year Banquet, “Image Maker of the Year” awards in each category go to the highest scoring entrants. Each monthly competition score is added to your total. You get 6 points for any image you submit that does not score a 7, 8, 9. If your submission scores 7, 8, or 9 you receive that amount of points. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the president or anyone else in the club who is familiar with the scoring system.

We also submit Digital images to both the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs (NJFCC) and to the Photo Society of America (PSA) occasionally throughout the year. The Chairpersons will send out e-mails in advance asking for your submissions if they are needed. Prints are also submitted and the chairman for this is Walt Stettler and he also will let you know when these will be held and if he needs your prints. At times he just keeps the entries after our competitions and chooses from them which ones he will send. After the competition the prints are returned.