Date Event Details
Meeting - Competition

Judge: Kathy DeYoung

Meeting - Creative Editing

Creative editing from photos emailed to us from Kathie Baker on November 13, 2020.

From Kathie's email:
"Attached you will find six photos that I pulled from the internet.   You can pick and choose, or you can work on all of them.  It is totally up to you on how you edit and/or change the photo. 

When the date approaches, I will place a folder into Facebook named "What Would You Do".  We will be looking for member critiquing and an explanation on your edit.

If we have enough participation, Linda advised me we will do it again and secure an outside judge for their input on all edits.

So....I hope you will participate, have fun with it and can't wait to see the outcome.   



PS -- no complaints on the photos it was really hard trying to find not so great photos"


Competition   Judge:TBA

Pictorial Assigned Subject: Turning back Time (things that are aged)

Nature: Regular


Meeting - Presentation

Presentation: Buddy Eleazer – Photo Edits

The Presentation will be on Photo Editing. Buddy will accept 2 images per participant of any type (Nature, Pictorial, Artistic, etc.), submitted on the HCC FB page at least 3 days prior to the session so he can have some time to view and edit. Buddy will download the images, then modify them as per his expertise, and then share his edits and thought process for each one at the session.

Kathie Baker will post the Album at the appropriate time (THANK YOU, Kathie, for taking on this responsibility and doing it so well).


Regular competition - Bill Brokaw judging

Program: Textures

Program: Textures  (Marie Attenburg)

Meeting: Competition

Competition (Diane Dugan)

Program: Composition

Program: Composition  (Joan Pasternak)

Meeting: Competition

Competition (Becky Witt)

End of Year Dinner

The dinner will be held at The Warrenside in Bloomsbury, NJ.